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Personal Insurance

We provide a full range of coverages for your personal insurance needs. From the first time buyer, to high valued homeowner, automobiles, and umbrellas. We will review, quote, and secure coverages for your needs.

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Commercial Insurance

From the initial startup company to the publicly traded corporation, we will review, quote, and secure coverage for your business. We have found that transferring risk to an insurance company is often the most efficient way to protect your corporate assets and human resources.

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Health & Life Insurance

Protect the ones you love the most with the proper coverage for your needs. Everyone’s needs are unique and finding secure coverage can be stressful. Whether you want to cover your family, yourself or the people who help your business going, we’ll find the right plan for you.

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Sweet and Baker Insurance Brokers, Inc. Blog: business insurance

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Let’s say a fire damages your restaurant. Or a major weather event causes the roof to collapse on your office building. Often, the business will have to shut down while making repairs. This is often an inconvenience to both the owner and employees if they cannot work. READ MORE >>

If you operate a retail business, having the right type of business insurance is essential. This type of coverage protects you, the owner, as well as the business itself from a variety of risks. Many business owners lack the proper level of coverage and that can pose a significant risk. READ MORE >>

Many businesses—especially small businesses with fewer employees—depend on a single person or a few key people for their success. If a key person becomes unable to work or dies, the business might lose valuable accounts or be temporarily unable to operate, resulting in lost revenue. READ MORE >>

When a fire, accident or theft occurs at your business: Contact your insurance agent and company right away. Any burglaries or theft should also be reported to the police immediately. Read your insurance policy so that you know what your responsibilities are to your insurance company after a loss. READ MORE >>

Employers have a legal responsibility to their employees to make the workplace safe. However, accidents happen even when every reasonable safety measure has been taken. To protect employers from lawsuits resulting from workplace accidents and to provide medical care and compensation for lost inc... READ MORE >>

Every business—whether a one-man home business or a big corporation—needs insurance to protect its integrity in the aftermath of various damaging situations. But which insurance policies are truly necessary and which policies are mere icing on the cake? All businesses should consider these three basic insurance policies: READ MORE >>

Most businesses need to purchase at least the following four types of insurance: Property insurance, liability insurance, business vehicle insurance and workers compensation insurance. Here's a breakdown of what each one is. READ MORE >>

For consumers and business owners committed to “going green”, a wide range of insurance options are now available. Below is a breakdown of some of the innovative, eco-friendly products, services and discounts offered by many insurers. Vehicles Hybrid discounts. READ MORE >>

Preparing for an Insurance Adjuster’s Visit If an earthquake, fire or other insured disaster damages or interrupts your business, you will need to file a claim with your insurance company and prepare for the insurance adjuster’s visit.   READ MORE >>

As a modern day business owner, you’ve likely felt the push to become more web-involved. The Internet seems to be where businesses are concentrating efforts, whether they involve revamping your website to keep up with the competition or creating social media accounts to attract a new audience. READ MORE >>

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