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We provide a full range of coverages for your personal insurance needs. From the first time buyer, to high valued homeowner, automobiles, and umbrellas. We will review, quote, and secure coverages for your needs.

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Commercial Insurance

From the initial startup company to the publicly traded corporation, we will review, quote, and secure coverage for your business. We have found that transferring risk to an insurance company is often the most efficient way to protect your corporate assets and human resources.

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Health & Life Insurance

Protect the ones you love the most with the proper coverage for your needs. Everyone’s needs are unique and finding secure coverage can be stressful. Whether you want to cover your family, yourself or the people who help your business going, we’ll find the right plan for you.

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Product liability is a key type of risk many types of businesses face. And, as a result, all business owners need to take steps to minimize and control this risk. Errors & Omissions insurance is one of the tools available to business owners to defer some risk associated with products. READ MORE >>

Startup business owners and investors may need more advanced liability protection. This may be because running a new business poses higher operating risks. Key among those types is directors and officers (d&o) insurance. D&O insurance provides financial protection to those executives in the upper levels of the company. READ MORE >>

Reporting property damage isn’t easy, especially when a lot of variables exist. Whether you’re facing bad weather, on-site accidents or other negative scenarios, it’s a good idea to take action. Below, we’re covering the best tips for reporting a commercial property insurance claim. READ MORE >>

Opening a business likely means investing in a commercial property. The property may include buildings, storage areas, and other structures that help you operate. Once you take possession of this property, you have a responsibility to keep it safe. Proper safety includes obtaining the correct property insurance. READ MORE >>

Business insurance helps to keep your company operational when an accident or other event occurs. Oftentimes, these are instances where you have no control over the loss. Perhaps it was a weather event. It could have been a fire or even a theft. When something happens that stops your company from earning income, your business' bottom line is impacted. READ MORE >>

Sweet and Baker Insurance Brokers, Inc. ranks #1 with The Hartford. Earlier this year, the San Francisco insurance agency was honored with the prestigious 2014 “Top Performing Agent” in Small Commercial Property and Casualty from The Hartford Insurance Company. READ MORE >>

If you operate a retail business, having the right type of business insurance is essential. This type of coverage protects you, the owner, as well as the business itself from a variety of risks. Many business owners lack the proper level of coverage and that can pose a significant risk. READ MORE >>

If you or an employee of your business performs a service for a customer and the customer claims that you or the employee made a mistake, you could find yourself being the defendant in a lawsuit. For this reason, you should protect yourself and your business with errors and omissions insurance, also called E&O insurance. READ MORE >>

Owning and operating a small business requires a lot of work, time and money. Work and time are fairly easy to come by, but money is a precious resource for most small business owners, which is why you need business insurance. READ MORE >>

As a small business owner, it's up to you to ensure the protection of everything you and your staff have worked so hard for. You probably already know that business insurance is a good idea, but piecemeal coverages — which can be time-consuming and pricey — can be hard to keep up with. READ MORE >>

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