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Car and House

Personal Insurance

We provide a full range of coverages for your personal insurance needs. From the first time buyer, to high valued homeowner, automobiles, and umbrellas. We will review, quote, and secure coverages for your needs.

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Commercial Insurance

From the initial startup company to the publicly traded corporation, we will review, quote, and secure coverage for your business. We have found that transferring risk to an insurance company is often the most efficient way to protect your corporate assets and human resources.

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Health & Life Insurance

Protect the ones you love the most with the proper coverage for your needs. Everyone’s needs are unique and finding secure coverage can be stressful. Whether you want to cover your family, yourself or the people who help your business going, we’ll find the right plan for you.

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Sweet & Baker have been wonderful to work with. They are knowledgeable, responsive and very easy to work with. Anytime I have a question or need something they respond immediately. They were able to save my company about 30%. They offer excellent service and I would highly recommend them.

Sara H.
Orinda, CA

I had a great experience with Sweet & Baker. They did a side by side comparison with a quote I received from AAA. They were very responsive and their rates were right inline with AAA and with better coverage! The service was excellent, they were very knowledgeable. I like the fact that at Sweet & Baker you have a designated team.

Mitch P.
San Francisco, CA

Sweet and Baker recently helped our business get various coverages. It was not easy to find a provider with good coverage for our kind of business, but they've done a good job with it. We've tried a few other brokers before setting on Sweet and Baker, but in the end only they delivered. Service was outstanding, quick and they were very helpful all along the process. I highly recommend our agent Elaine and the firm.

Andras K.
Oakland, CA

Was referred to Sweet and Baker about 10 years ago by our CPA. From production insurance to WC, Carole and Forrest have met all our needs. We look forward to a continuing relationship with their company.

Matthew K.
Irvine, CA

We have been using Sweeet and Baker for years. If you are in need of an insurance broker, Sweet and Baker is the area's best ( and we have used others previously, unhappily). They are responsive, look for the best deals for your company and keep in touvh to ensure all is in good standing.

If a contact is out of the office there is always another person covering your account. It has been a pleasure dealing with ALL of the folks at Sweet and Baker.

Joy L.
San Anselmo, CA

I recently bought business insurance here and feel totally blessed to have stumbled upon these guys. We have an untraditional service and finding a company that understood our needs, was patient in answering my questions, followed up promptly, and that was just plain nice...well, was so nice!

Stella G.
Manhattan, NY

I am a Director of Finance for a small Company in Marin. I wear many hats, including Accounting and Finance, HR., Payroll, and Facilities. Without the services offered by Sweet & Baker, I could not keep up with all the requirements of these demanding departments. Arthur Burton at Sweet & Baker is always available for questions regarding medical insurance coverage and quickly resolves employee medical insurance questions. The HR online services have helped me resolve several technical and sensitive HR matters. Carole Johnson of Sweet & Baker is quick to respond to any General Liability insurance needs we have. Arthur and Carole are always prompt and tremendously helpful. They are experts in their fields and provide a service that is priceless to our Company. S&B are business partners with me in the roles I hold and are critical to our success in providing our benefits and insurance needs. They provide FIVE STAR service!!

Sarah C.
Larkspur, CA

I have worked with Sweet and Baker for many years now and have multiple policies with them. Ellen Westberg is my agent there and I cannot be more pleased by her responsiveness and knowledge. Whenever I have a question or concern about any of my policies the follow through and answers are promptly handled.
Over the years, I have learned the value to have as many things as possible under one roof. By having multiple policies with Ellen, I know that there is someone capable overseeing my interests in these areas and it frees me up to handle my own small business.
I am very impressed with Sweet and Baker and highly recommend them to anyone. I truly feel that my agent, Ellen, is looking out for me best interests. What more could you ask for.

Jack L.
San Francisco, CA

I was in a pinch a few years back and needed renters insurance on very short notice. Shannon helped me at the time and was very clear, concise and helpful. She was able to get me coverage in a very timely manner. I have dealt with a few others there and never has a bad experience. These folks saying people are rude surprise me. I have always been quite pleased and would recommend their service to anyone.

Aimee R.
Southern Pines, NC

I have been a customer of Sweet & Baker for over 7 years, and they have always been an excellent provider. Very responsive and thorough, and always looking out for the best interest of their clients.

Jack W.
Los Altos, CA

I have been a client of Sweet & Baker for over 7+ years. I have both personal and business policies with the firm and have been very please with their service and industry knowledge. I have used S&B for as a resource for start-up and work related HR policies and again they continue to deliver sound advice. I will continue to work with Sweet & Baker in the future.

Kevin Z.
Moraga, CA

Sweet & Baker helped my company with both our corporate insurance and health insurance needs. They did a terrific job and easily scaled their services as our business grew. They are very friendly people and extremely responsive.

Kendall F.
San Rafael, CA

I have recently bought a house and a friend told me to give Annie a call in regard to my insurance concerns. She not only was very knowledgeable in this sector, she made me felt that it was completely okay to know nothing about insurance. Annie explained the policy to me and answered all my not-very-intelligent concerns.

Soon after, she also dealt with the auto insurance for my car and my bf's car.

I know that we are in excellent hands.

Kitty K.
San Francisco, CA

If you are in need of an insurance broker for company benefits, Sweet & Baker is the Bay area's best local independent agency. Their customer care is beyond what you could expect and they truly appreciate their client base.

No matter how busy they are, they will always reply and follow-up. This is crucial when it comes to on-boarding new hires, getting quick results for company benefits programs and prompt, thorough answers to any and all questions. I chose them for more than one company based on how responsive and genuine they are. They tailor benefit packages for new hires based on your preferences or company budget and will come to the office if you are in need of an enrollment class for employees.

Sweet & Baker makes it insanely easy for getting everything active, organized and firmly in place so that you can feel confident employes are taken care of. I will always choose Sweet & Baker.

Nellie S.
San Francisco, CA

I use Sweet & Baker to help manage all of the insurance needs for my company, and I could not be more pleased with the services they have provided. Not only have they proven to be exceptionally responsive, my broker (Denise) is proactive in taking care of our needs. We use them for all of our basic insurance policies, and Denise has been invaluable in helping me to establish a brand-new benefits package for us, whether suggesting cost-effective benefits or explaining how medical reimbursements work. When we were trying to decide on a healthcare plan, she provided detailed, easy-to-understand packages, and when I have questions (which is often), she answers my questions patiently and thoroughly.

The folks at Sweet & Baker really do go above and beyond to provide a holistic experience to their clients. Because of our relationship with them, I have access to tools that are helping me build a fantastic benefits program for our company, including free Human Resource advising through one of their partners.

Denise is a fantastic advocate when speaking to various companies on behalf of our company, and I am truly lucky to have her as my broker.

On a personal note, I was recently on vacation and in need of a prescription. My local Walgreens said my insurance had expired, though Blue Cross assured me it had not. I called Sweet & Baker, and Jennifer (Denise was out of town) was kind and understanding. She realized that I was ill and offered to take over for me; she called Walgreens, she called Blue Cross, she got them together on a conference call, and she sorted everything out while I pounded the OTC cold medicine. Because of her commitment to outstanding customer service, I was able to avoid the headache of several hours of dealing with Walgreens and Blue Cross. (Thanks again, Jennifer!)

I really do feel taken care of with Sweet & Baker, and I look forward to continuing to work with them!

Kim W.
Berkeley, CA

I've used Forrest Wittenmeier and Carly Phelps for several years now for my autos and properties, and am generally very pleased with their level of attentive service and willingness to tailor my quotes to my needs. Their response time is fast, they make requested changes in a timely and competent manner, and they are always available to advise on claim-related issues. Five stars for business acumen.

Aldon B.
Sacramento, CA

I am writing an unsolicited testimonial because of the exceptional treatment I received from Sweet & Baker during a very trying time for me recently. The story is as follows:

Upon returning to San Diego from my Thanksgiving break with my family in Florida, I discovered that my 2004 Audi A4 that I had purchased in May had been flooded. I repeat: my car had been FLOODED in San Diego! Crazy!

I contacted my Sweet & Baker agent, Forrest Wittenmier, who had recommended the specific Allied Insurance plan that I decided on in May. Forrest quickly checked to ensure that I was covered (I was!) and gave me an overview of what to expect from the entire process. In a matter of minutes, I went from completely distressed, to assured that someone was actually working for me to make sure I wasn't left without the resources to replace my car.

I would like to pause for a second on that last sentence, the one about an insurance company actually working for me, instead of trying to squeeze me. The rest of my experience with Allied was similar to conversation with Forrest - I felt as though Allied was entirely on my side, and that I had the security of S&B to back everything up. A very pleasant combination in a trying time.

Upon reporting my claim, the first Allied agent that I was put in touch with was Jose Gutierrez. Jose was extremely courteous, yet concise about what to expect from the business side of the situation. I was able to glean a great deal about what to come from Jose, and I always felt as though he was working to help me get my claim settled promptly and properly.

Next, I was directly to Steve Gulley who gave me all the specifics on the timeline of the process and went out of his way to keep the entire process visible to me, so I never felt in the dark at any step along the way. Again (this may be getting a little repetitive), I immediately had this innate sense that Steve was on my side, not trying to pinch pennies from me. I can not tell you how much inner stress was spared to me by Steve and Jose - they were incredible!!

The final part of the process, negotiating the settlement, was handled by Jose, after Steve had declared the vehicle totaled. I had prepped myself for a battle to ensure that I was given fair market value, and was once again astonished (see a common theme here?) when Jose's offer came in at almost exactly the figure that I had researched and estimated myself. There was no need to haggle, because Jose clearly had been given the authority to do the right thing and not low ball me. In a word: refreshing.

I contacted Forrest once again, to alert him about my new vehicle and inquire as to exactly what I needed to do to switch my insurance over. He made the transition as easy as possible for me, even getting me in direct email contact with the individual responsible for making the switch. The plan that Forrest had helped me choose had provided the exact peace of mind that I had been looking for when I contacted S&B in May.

I would like to individually recognize Forrest for his professional demeanor and attention to customer service. I know that I will be a Sweet & Baker for all of my insurance needs, and will continue to use Allied for my car insurance. A relationship of trust has been established for me, and in my mind, that is the most important characteristic an individual or organization can have with a customer.

Thanks so much for everything,

Ian Lewis
San Diego, CA

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